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What does this flashing arrow panel mean?
Electronic Large Flashing Arrow Signs Panels are one of traffic control devices ,it used for advance warning ,there is a lane or areas is closed ahead .and vehicle must merge with traffic in an adjacent lane.They are generally used for lane closure, and slow moving maintenance activities. Use flashing arrow panels for all lane closures on highways where the posted speed limit equals or exceeds 45 mph.

What do DC12v electronic Large Flashing Arrow Signs Panels indicate?
When a larger flashing or sequential arrow panels are used, it indicates that there is a road closure in the area ahead, and the vehicle should slow down in advance, and move and merge in the direction indicated by the arrow. The driver should follow the instructions to enter the lane indicated by the arrow.

Are DC12v Electronic Large Flashing Arrow Signs Panels only used at night?
The flashing arrow panel can both work on the day and night. The movable flashing arrow panel can provide the driver with advance warning and direction information when them need to move to the right or left to another lane, it is very convenient by movable flashing arrow panel. The horizontal flashing light bar indicates warning-the front is the working area, please pay attention to approach.

advance warning (flashing) arrow panel: active guidance
The flashing arrow panels is one of the most effective and attractive traffic control devices, which can clearly notice the vehicle that the road ahead is closed.

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